Xtreme Cubes – Portable Construction Job Site Offices

Xtreme Manufacturing’s line of multi-functioning cubes, known as the Xtreme Cubes, can be configured into any possible portable structure. The Xtreme Cubes vary in dimension, ranging from 10’ to 24’ in length and from 8’ to 12’ in width. Other sizes and lengths can be custom-built. The cube line consists of six models, including the XC800, XC1000, XC1440, XC1600, XC2000 and XC2880. All Xtreme Cubes are equipped with welded structural steel construction and corner joints, fork pockets, reinforced galvanneal steel wall and roof panels, and multi-level capabilities.

Additionally, the Xtreme Cubes have many optional features, including windows, insulation, interior paneling and trim, electricity, plumbing, doors, and HVAC. Either horizontal-narrow windows or windows with security bars can be built into the cubes, and either man, roll-up or double doors can be added. Polystyrene foam board, or closed cell polyurethane spray foam can be put into the cubes for insulation. The interior panel and trim options include high density polyethylene or steel sheet. HVAC unit possibilities range from small and large capacity heat/AC units to electric baseboard heaters. Electrical and plumbing options are added based on customer specifications. There are also six possible types of flooring including laminate, plywood, VCT, commercial vinyl, carpet and steel diamond plating.

The Xtreme Cube’s potential uses are infinite. These multi-performance cubes can be used as portable living quarters, concession stands, parts counters, training facilities, offices, restrooms, roll-up door storage, climate controlled labs, security command posts, and on-site lubrication and fueling requirements. Multiple Xtreme Cubes can be combined to construct a portable multi-level compound, portable maintenance facility, or even temporary disaster relief location.

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