Xtreme Cubes

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What is a Cube?

Examples of Xtreme Cube Facilities

Catering Facility

A standalone food service unit featuring a service counter with roller door, and internal space for caterers’ own equipment. Ideal for use on jobsites or remote locations that use external catering providers.

Sound Wall

Designed to minimize noise from a jobsite to neighboring communities, the Xtreme Cube™ sound wall is a completely scalable solution that can be construction single, double or triple story. The structure is fitted with acoustical panels on the walls and ceilings to effectively absorb site noise. The exterior face can be wrapped to blend with the environment or promote the project.

Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP)

A requirement on most construction sites, the SWPPP cube provides a secure location for the storage of emergency response plans and stormwater pollution prevention plans. The cube is custom painted green for easy visibility and is completely portable for fast relocation around a developing jobsite.

Fuel Truck Environmental Retainment Bay

A sheltered parking area with spill containment flooring for fuel trucks, providing protection from weather conditions. The portable unit has a drive-through design for easy use, and can be expanded to multiple trucks.

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