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Warranty Policy
Product Warranty Registration Form

Complete information requested below. You are responsible for filling out this warranty registration form and sending it to Xtreme Manufacturing™, LLC immediately upon taking possession of the unit. Warranty coverage begins on the date the products is originally invoiced to the purchaser, or on the date the new product was first put into service, whichever comes first. YOU MUST SUBMIT A COMPLETED “PRODUCT WARRANTY REGISTRATION” FORM TO XTREME MANUFACTURING™ WITHIN 10 DAYS OF THIS DATE OR SUBSEQUENT WARRANTY CLAIMS WILL NOT BE HONORED. Receipt of this warranty registration form by Xtreme Manufacturing™ establishes the date on which the warranty coverage begins and validates the warranty.

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Registration Information

Company Name

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Xtreme Serial No.*

Model No.:

In-Service/Warranty Start Date
Date unit was sold to a customer or date unit was put into your fleet.


Additional Information

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How was the sale initiated?
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Type of business:
SchoolGovernmentHotel/Convention CenterIndustrial/ManufacturingConstructionRental YardOther