2003: Early Xtreme adverts
2008: New Bonanza Road location
2010: Xtreme Cube introduced
2013: Xtreme acquires majority shareholding in Snorkel
Xtreme Telehandler XR7038
2014: Xtreme XR7038 launched
2015: Xtreme relocates to new corporate headquarters
2015: Xtreme relocates to new corporate headquarters

2016: Xtreme Assembly in Henderson, Nevada
2016: Xtreme Assembly in Henderson, Nevada

Founded in 2003, Xtreme Manufacturing has grown to become one of the leading manufacturers of telehandlers in North America, with an increasing global customer base.

Xtreme Manufacturing was born from Don Ahern’s personal experience in the rental industry, struggling to find a reliable telehandler for his fleet. Inspired to produce his own machine that overcame common engineering faults of products available at the time, Don purchased Western Attachments Company in 1999, an Oregon based forklift company that specialized in rough terrain vertical mast forklifts. This business went on to become Xtreme Manufacturing in 2003, which today produces one of the largest and most versatile ranges of telehandlers in North America.

Additionally, Don harnessed the experience of the Xtreme engineering and manufacturing teams, along with feedback from customers, to fill a void in the market with the development of the Xtreme Cube™ portable building solution, as well as the E-Z Loader custom-built truck bed designed to reduce the loading and unloading time of equipment deliveries.



Don Ahern purchased Western Attachments Company, an Oregon based forklift company that specialized in creating rough terrain vertical mast forklifts. Don was not satisfied with their product, and set up the Fresno Engineering Group to redesign their products.


In January 2003, Don rebranded Western Attachments Co. as Xtreme Manufacturing. At this time, the first Xtreme telehandler, the XRM945, was developed by the Fresno Engineering group, with a capacity of 9,000 lbs. (4,082kg) and a reach of 45 ft. (13.7m). Due to anticipated growth, Xtreme was relocated from Oregon to Las Vegas, Nevada.

2004 – 2005

During 2004, Xtreme developed five new telehandlers and upgraded two models for increased versatility and higher reach. The Fresno Engineering team was also relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada.


The original Xtreme plant became too small for the manufacturing operation and a new location was found. Xtreme was moved to 1415 W. Bonanza Rd., Las Vegas, Nevada.

2009 – 2010

Five new telehandlers were added, bringing the Xtreme product line count up to 10 telehandlers ranging from 6,000 lbs. (2721kg) to 30,000 lbs. (13608kg) capacity with up to 67 ft. (20.4m) maximum reach. In 2010, Don sketched the first concept of an Xtreme Cube onto a paper napkin, and the first Xtreme Cube was developed.

2011 – 2012

Xtreme added two telehandlers and upgraded four models for increased capacity. In 2012, with a focus on producing larger capacity models, Xtreme introduced the 20,000 lbs. XR2034 and set the industry standard with the 40,000 lbs. XR4030.


In October, Xtreme Manufacturing became the majority shareholder in Snorkel, a global aerial work platform manufacturer, with manufacturing facilities in the US, UK and New Zealand as well as a global sales and distribution network.


Xtreme launched North America’s largest capacity telehandler, the XR7038, specifically built to work in the oil and gas, and mining sectors. The lift weighs 115,000 lbs. (52,160kg), and has a maximum lift height of up to 38 ft. 2 in. (11.63m). Originally introduced at ConExpo 2014 as the 65,000 lbs. capacity XR6538, it was later uprated to lift 70,000 lbs. (31,751.4kg) earning its new name.

2015 – 2016

Due to increasing demand for products, and the larger scale of the equipment, Xtreme relocated to a new corporate headquarters, shared with Snorkel, in Henderson, Nevada. This included all office-based staff, including engineering and R&D, with product assembly completing the company’s relocation in 2016.